Why You Should Use Sanity in 2024

Jordan McRae


3 min

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Sanity.io is a free and open-source content management system that integrates with web and mobile app technologies like Next.js and React Native. It is a fantastic platform for marketing teams to manage content, and it gives software developers the flexibility to write custom plugins and utilities for just about any type of scenario you can think of. Below are some of the reasons why using Sanity.io to power your digital experiences is a great choice in 2024.

Free and Open Source

Sanity.io is free and open-source software that is constantly receiving updates. It is very well maintained and has received over $50 million in funding, making it a great long-term technology decision. There is a thriving community behind the project that has created an amazing ecosystem of tools and plugins.

Great for Content Editors

Out of the box, Sanity provides an easy-to-use studio for writing content. Developers follow a simple setup process to create different types of document structures that make content writing very intuitive.

An example of Sanity's studio and a sample article document

An example of Sanity's studio and a sample article document

For example, if an article needs to have a big header image, a title, and some rich text content, developers can enforce these rules using a Sanity schema. A huge bonus that many other CMS platforms miss out on is customizability. Since Sanity.io is built with React, a developer can quickly create custom integrations in the studio by writing custom React components. This provides teams with a tremendous amount of peace of mind knowing that projects are future-proofed.

Import and Export Data

Depending on the state of your digital product, you may already have content living on a different CMS. Sanity makes it very convenient to import data from other CMS platforms or databases with a powerful CLI tool. You can even quickly export data and create onsite backups which is a great option if you decide to move to a different CMS provider in the future.

Free Plugins

The community has created a large number of free tools and plugins to use with Sanity.

Sanity's plugin store

Sanity's plugin store

It supports everything from scheduling when to publish content, to generating PDFs, to SEO previews. This toolbelt is extremely powerful for bootstrapping MVPs and production-ready applications very quickly. There are new plugins added to the shop on a weekly basis, and the number of free tools will continue to grow exponentially due to Sanity's growing popularity.


These are just a few of the many reasons why Sanity is a fantastic technology choice for content management in 2024. At Stack Five, we use Sanity in production applications every day. If you'd like to learn more or see if Sanity is a good fit for your project, please reach out to our team. You can also check out how we power stackfive.io with Next.js and Sanity.