Why You Should Use Your Old Phones as Security Cameras

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Over the past few months there have been an alarming amount of concerns raised about major home security companies and how they treat your privacy. When you're looking to secure your home, the last thing you want to worry about is an unwanted set of eyes watching you behind the scenes without your knowledge, or your security footage being shared or analyzed by third party companies. We created viyo.io as a solution to this problem. This privacy-first, do-it-yourself solution will let you use your old phones, tablets, and laptops as security cameras, baby monitors or pet cameras right in your web browser.

Why Viyo Is Different

Plain and simply put, Viyo does not store, track or share any of your sensitive information unnecessarily. One of the scariest parts of traditional home security systems is how motion is detected. Security systems usually send "snapshots" of your data to a server to figure out when movement is detected on your video feed. How these "snapshots" are analyzed, as well as what happens to your video data after it has been analyzed are grey areas and aren't explained clearly. Viyo detects motion directly on your device. Your video data is never analyzed on a server for motion detection, so you don't have to worry about it getting into the wrong hands.

Traditional security systems also record and save video when motion is detected, and these video snippets are stored on a cloud platform. What happens if the security company has a big data breach? What happens if your security camera is inside of your home, or if you're monitoring your newborn? The most sensitive areas of your life could immediately be opened up to the outside world. Viyo does not store or save video history anywhere. We allow our users to save motion tracking screenshots directly to their own camera device, but they are never stored or uploaded to any cloud platforms.

On top of all this, home security hardware can very pricey. Viyo uses your web browser and old phones to power up your own private security system. You can set up one camera for free for life, and there is no usage restriction. You can learn more about our privacy-first philosophy, as well as get started here.

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